The following are links to a few of the businesses and organizations who we partner with to better serve our clients.  Check out their web-sites, menus, and be sure to tell them Valley Vending sent you.  

Whiteface Mountain Ski Resort:  Beginning with the 2014 / 2015 ski season we are proud to partner with the Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) as their official provider of Ellis Coffee and other fine Hot Beverages.  Our goal is to bring our vision and expertise for Coffee to their multiple venues.  By creating a uniform and consistent beverage experience, using high quality products and visually appealing point of sale, the customer will enjoy a more positive experience than ever before.  Check out the  link to Whiteface Mountian here and be sure to tell them that Valley Vending sent you

LaBarre's Deli & Convenience Store in Ellenburg NY:  Valley Vending has partnered with LaBarres Store going on eight years now.  Originally a small coffee customer of ours they have grown tremendously over the years and we have grown along with them.  Going on two years now, we further solidified our partnership with the idea of using their fresh deli products in our vending machines and Micro Markets throughout the North Country.  If you are in the Ellenburg area, stop in and see them......great service, great quality, and one of the few remaining "Mom and Pop" stores that has survived four generations and still going strong.  Check out their menu here and tell them Valley Vending sent you

Ellis Coffee Company - Roaster of fine coffees since of the longest operating roasters in the country.  Located in Philadelphia PA. they have an expansive network providing their products nationwide.  We recently secured the ORDA / Whiteface Ski Resort in the Olympic Village of Lake Placid NY using the Ellis line and we have many customers who will settle for nothing less.  Valley Vending has been in business since 1957 and we can proudly say that Ellis is the best coffee we have ever offered to our customers (and we know coffee)!  In multiple blind taste tests 4 out of 5 people we surveyed chose the Ellis line over other leading brands.  So if you are in Plattsburgh NY stop by our facility and pick up some Ellis coffee today.  You can also visit their website here and tell them Valley Vending sent you